Church Growth In Africa Compared To South Korea

The spreading of the gospel in Africa got here at the equal time with colonialism and slave trade, for this reason African people received the gospel with combined feeling. Many African people believed that the bible is the work of a white guy and Christianity a faith of the white human beings. In the African context religion turned into based totally on ancestral worship, acquainted spirits, spiritism and occultism, and those became finest obstacles to gospel penetration in Africa. To isolate themselves from what they notion became a white man’s faith they went approximately and attempted to set up their personal African rooted conventional church buildings which promoted Africanism in preference to godliness, of path some of these religions and ancestral worships were there way lengthy earlier than the Christian proclamation in Africa.

In this newsletter, am going to present to you distinguishing factors, characteristics, theologies and practices which I accept as true with brought about the Revival and Growth of South- Korean church buildings. We realize that South -Korea has the most important church populace in our times and that in all likelihood the most important church being in Seoul. Korea is now divided into separate nations specifically North and South Korea. North Korea is a communist kingdom and does not strongly accept as true with in Christianity although we’ve got Christian in that place it still wishes to be evangelised efficiently. Communism¬†church is a extremely good enemy of Christian proclamation similar to Islam, via communism and Islam many Christians are persecuted and missionaries martyred in particular in Japan, North Korea. Philippines, Nigeria, and so on. On the other hand South Korea is a religion based totally country with a huge church population and now one of the main missionary sending countries within the international. One would love to know how sister nation differ in terms of approach toward spiritual troubles of religion. Comparing state’s economies you will be bowled over that it’s feasible that South Korea is extra resourced than North Korea why? Its due to the fact while Revival broke forth in South Korea in 1902 it introduced approximately a revolution in the economic system of the united states. How did this happen? They are reasons which we may additionally look intently at which I believe brought about the Revival and growth of South Korean churches. Every Korean needs that 1902 would take place once more because its what brought about the challenges and effective things that are now the fruit of that Revival. I attempted through all manner to analyze and talk to Korean pastors to pay attention from their mouth what definitely induced the Revival and increase of Korean Churches. Since the Revival in 1902 God has used South Korean missionaries throughout many components of the sector who are despatched into the project subject. Allow me to put down the capabilities and characteristics which I consider brought about the Revival of Korean church buildings comparing to African ministries.



South -Korea is well known for a super range of Prayer Mountains. In this u . S . Lays the secret of a praying country which has end up their important feature and robust weapon for remodeling the state. South Korea has a number of Prayer Mountains in which humans go to pray and are seeking the face of God. At these prayer mountains the sacrifice of prayer is offered at any time of the day. From a distance you could hear loud voices and cries from these mountains as people pray to God According to many Korean missionaries I actually have spoken to approximately Korea in particular Pastor Samuel Hong Lee a Korean missionary in south Africa, the Korean stability in politics and least expensive preservations are a end result of the prayers presented country wide. Specific prayers are offered for the president, commercial enterprise men and additionally Korean missionaries within the area international extensive. What has made the Korean church differ from the African churches is the challenge of the church.



When requested, many ministers will ascribe prayer and dedicated giving as the motive for the revival. For years, Korean ministers have genuinely given the Korean church the phrase of God and the Holy Spirit has carried out the activity”. This is true because many Korean Christians are extra biblical of their faith, theology, prayers and practice. I don’t deny the truth that they have got their personal weak spot however church increase is not one of their weak spot or troubles however African ministries that is a incredible difficulty.

All they do is They train, they pray and God works its that easy.

In order for any project minded church to reach missions, we want to establish a clear assignment theology, in addition I would like to mentions that evangelism and social obligation ought to be harmonized, a separation of the 2 ought to be regarded as a compromise to the apostolic theology and mission approach. If we forget such stewardship, we cannot produce any ancient paintings and fruit of the Holy Spirit from every labours inside the task discipline. Below I introduce to you capabilities and characters which describes the Korean church and the characteristics of the African churches. We ought to also that the Korean church has its personal weak point and problems however church boom is not considered one of their problems. Beneath are few weakness which I actually have identified within the Korean church and Korean missionaries.

Some have stated out that the boom of Korean church buildings is because of conformity instead of repentance and private religion in God. This is due to the fact Christian faith which does now not assist us exchange our character and behavior isn’t always legitimate Christianity.

Some Korean missionaries have failed inside the assignment discipline because of their reluctance to examine neighborhood languages mainly African languages and adapting to neighborhood or indigenous cultures. The exploitative attitudes of a few Korean missionaries

Dishonest practices

Personal entitlement to assets in place of missionary service




1. South Korean churches received the bible because the word of God and sought to believe and apprehend it by means of religion as opposed to logically. This led to the birthing of bible studies agencies and prayer meeting in homes and early morning prayers.


2. African humans acquired the bible with mixed feeling they believed it to be a Whiteman’s e book which became used to oppress a Blackman and caused slavery and colonialism, So African conventional churches would instead accept as true with in ancestral worship and spirits instead of the biblical teachings. In African tradition conventional church buildings there is less proclamation the usage of the bible and that has brought about a gross lack of knowledge to Gods word, for this reason human beings perish for loss of understanding God. Their is more population in traditional and

spiritual church buildings than in proper bible believing churches.